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Ten Reasons To Become A United States Citizen

Q#1: I am Green Card holder and since 2024 is an election year I would like to vote! However, I need to apply for Citizenship before I am allowed. What are all of the advantages to becoming a US Citizen? 

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A#1: The Top Ten advantages and benefits of becoming a US Citizen are:

  1. As a US Citizen you will never be deported or removed, unlike a Permanent Resident who can have their Green Card revoked and can be deported if they commit a crime.
  2. You can only sponsor your children and spouse if you are a Green Card holder, but if you are a US Citizen, you have a much faster track to sponsor your minor children, your spouse, and your parents (zero wait line), and you can also sponsor your adult children and your brothers and sisters.
  3. Your children under 18 years old will automatically become US Citizens when you become a Citizen.
  4. Citizenship allows you to increase your participation in our civic institutions. You will have the right to vote during the elections, the right to run for public office (such as for Mayor or Congress) and the right to serve as a member of a jury.
  5. You will be able to travel outside the country for short or extended periods without having to worry about obtaining a re-entry permit or potentially abandoning your Green Card Status.
  6. Public assistance rules seriously restrict Green Card holders’ access to a large scope of public benefits. If you are a US Citizen, you are no longer prevented from using any benefits program that you are otherwise entitled to.
  7. You will never have to renew your legal status as a US Citizen.
  8. As a citizen you qualify to work in certain jobs for the federal government (such as working for Hanford or for Law Enforcement), can apply for security clearances, and are allowed to apply for certain Washington State positions that require US Citizenship.
  9. In the United States, for most non-citizens it is illegal to own a firearm.
  10. If you are from Mexico and you become a US Citizen, you will not lose your Mexican citizenship. You will automatically become a dual citizen and will have BOTH a Mexican passport and a US passport.

Q#2: What are some countries that allow dual citizenship?

A#2: Mexico, the majority of the countries in Central and South America, Canada, and most European countries.

Q#3: I have heard that some applicants can take the US Citizenship test in their own language, and some can even take a shortened civics test, is this true?

A#3: Yes. There is an exception that allows people to take the test in their native language if they are 50 years old and have had their Green Card for 20 years or are 55 years old and have had their Green Card for 15 years. Additionally, if you are 65 years old and have had your Green Card for at least 20 years, then you can take the test in your native language AND you can take the shortened civics test. 

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Q#4: If I am a Green Card holder and have criminal matters, is it safe to apply for Citizenship?

A#4: No. There are many, many criminal convictions that are deportable offenses and only come to the attention of the Immigration Service during the fingerprint process of the US Citizenship application process. If you have criminal issues you should consult with a competent immigration attorney before applying for US Citizenship.

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