DUI Defense

Navigating the Legal Maze of DUI Defense

Being charged with a DUI can feel like you’ve hit a roadblock. It’s a serious situation that can impact your career, reputation, and even your freedom to drive.

Defending your DUI is all about standing up for your rights and challenging the charges you’re facing. It’s about navigating the twists and turns of the legal system and the specific requirements of Washington State’s Department of Licensing. Your attorneys at Roach & Bishop Law are here to do just that – we will craft a strong defense strategy that’s tailored to your unique situation.

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Washington State DUI Laws

Navigating the legal landscape of DUI laws in Washington State can be a complex endeavor. These laws are designed to maintain safety on the roads and are enforced with a high degree of rigor. Understanding these laws is crucial, as they can have significant implications for your driving privileges, personal freedom, and financial stability.

In Washington State, DUI laws are not limited to alcohol impairment alone. They also encompass impairment due to drugs, including both legal and illegal substances. The laws are multifaceted, covering various scenarios and levels of impairment. They are designed to discourage driving under the influence and penalize those who disregard these rules.

You can find yourself under arrest for DUI under several circumstances:

  • Law enforcement observes signs of impairment in your driving or behavior.
  • Your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) measures .08 percent or higher.
  • Your blood shows a concentration of 5 nanograms or more of marijuana. 

For drivers under 21, the threshold is even lower, when a BAC of .02 percent or more can lead to an arrest. Commercial drivers aren’t exempt, either. A BAC of .04 percent can lead to arrest, and any DUI conviction will cause a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) disqualification for at least a year.

The severity of DUI penalties escalates if your BAC measures .15 percent or higher, or upon a conviction for a “refusal”. Additionally, penalties intensify with second, third, and subsequent arrests occurring within a specific time frame including elevated felony DUI.

What are the Penalties of a DUI?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense with significant penalties in Washington State. These penalties are designed to deter individuals from driving while impaired and to ensure the safety of all road users. If you face a DUI charge, it’s essential to understand the potential consequences and their impact on your life. 

The penalties for a DUI in Washington State are multifaceted and can affect various aspects of your life. They range from immediate legal consequences, such as fines, license suspensions, and jail time, to longer-term implications, such as probation and mandatory participation in educational programs. The severity of these penalties can escalate based on the specifics of the offense, such as the level of impairment and the presence of prior offenses.

For a first offense, here’s what you could be facing: 

A DUI charge can also have a significant impact on your driving privileges. Depending on the specifics of your case, you could lose your license for anywhere from 90 days up to two years, even on a first offense. You have very little time to contest a DOL-based suspension, so contacting an attorney immediately is critical.

Understanding these penalties is crucial as you navigate your DUI case. At Roach & Bishop, we are committed to helping you understand these penalties and providing the legal support you need to navigate the DUI process and help reduce, mitigate, or eliminate these penalties. 

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Do I Have a DUI Defense Case?

Facing a DUI charge can be daunting, but you’re not alone. At Roach & Bishop, we specialize in DUI defense, helping you navigate the complexities of Washington State’s DUI laws. Our team brings unique insights to craft the best defense strategies. We’ve handled cases from first-offense DUIs to felony DUI, vehicular assault, and vehicular homicide, earning a reputation for honesty, integrity, dedication, and good results.

Contact us today for a DUI Defense consultation. When you choose Roach & Bishop Law, you choose a team that will stand with you every step of the way. You’re not just getting legal counsel; you’re gaining advocates committed to fighting for you.