USCIS Hiking Filing Fees On April 1st, 2024

Q#1: I heard that US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is planning on raising the fees for immigration applications next month. Do I still have time to file my application before the fee goes up?

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A#1: On April 1st, 2024, USCIS is instituting these changes and is also requiring new versions of most forms to be used. However, if you post-mark an application on or before April 1st, 2024, you can still use the current forms and include the lower fees. 

Q#2: Which fees are going up, and by how much?

A#2: If someone applies for Citizenship the current fee is $725, but if you file on or after April 1st, the new fee will be $760 — an increase of $35. If filing for a Green Card, the existing fee is $1,225, which also includes the Work Permit and Travel Document fee. But after April 1st, the fee for a Green Card alone will be $1,440. If filing for a Work Permit and Travel Document at the same time, the total filing fee will be $2,330 — an increase of $1,105. 

Q#3: I have also heard that there are some fee exemptions and discounts for certain qualifying applicants. What are some categories or applicants that qualify for these exemptions or discounts?

A#3: The new fee exemptions include Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), Victims of Human Trafficking, US Military members, families pursuing international adoptions, and some non-profit organizations. 

Q#4: Right now, I have to pay $495 to renew my Work Permit based on DACA application, will that fee increase too?

A#4: Yes. The fee to apply for and renew your DACA Work Permit will go up to $520. Additionally, if you are applying for Advance Parole to travel abroad, the fee will now be $630 — an increase of $55 from the current fee.  

Q#5: Are any of the USCIS fees going to be reduced?

A#5: Yes. The application fee for a Green Card renewal will change from $540 to $465 — a reduction of $75.

Q#6: If I want to submit an application before the new fees go into effect, what do I need to do?

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A#6: Again, an application with the supporting evidence and the current filing fee must be post marked before April 1st, 2024. However, in order to minimize the chances of rejection or denial, it is recommended that the application is filed as soon as possible to ensure it is received by USCIS well prior to the April 1st, 2024 cutoff date. If you were thinking of filing for an Immigration Benefit, NOW is the time to file in order to avoid this upcoming hike in filing fees. 

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