Up to Date on Immigration Laws

Up to Date on Immigration Laws

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BIDEN ADMINISTRATION ANNOUNCES NEW PAROLE PROGRAMS Q#1: I have heard that there are new parole programs that allow people to enter the United States legally if you are from a certain country. What are these programs and how do they work? A#1: They are discretionary, country-specific humanitarian parole programs that allow for advance travel authorization […]

6 Ways an Immigration Lawyer Can Help With Your Immigration Case

How Can an Immigration Lawyer Help Me With My Immigration Case? The United States is one of the most prosperous countries in the modern world. For that reason, many people outside of the United States want to immigrate or move into the country. However, whether you support immigration or not, legally moving to the US […]

Al Tanto de la Inmigración

El Muro Fronterizo P#1: ¿Qué es lo último en el muro fronterizo?R#1: El muro fronterizo es ahora y ha sido la mayor promesa del presidente Trump a la gente de América. Desde el día en que anunció su campaña para la presidencia, dijo que construirá un muro. Por supuesto, también dijo que México pagaría por […]